Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hail to the new President-elect Obama.


I want to welcome myself back as I've been on a lull trying to get over the shock of my employer firing teachers, having a leader who isn't leading, and hiding my head in the sand while the Red and the Blue insult each other over and over and over again.

Now, that's all behind me and we can move forward with life. My beadist friend is off to Ethiopia with the Hope Bracelet Project and I'm looking forward to hearing from her and seeing her great pictures. Dallas cooled off when November rolled with Fall and awesomely beautiful Fall leaves in yellows, reds, and browns!!! All is wonderful in our household....can't wait until all the fleas will be soon be dead as weather dips quickly.and dog scratching diminishes. I plan to get back to the real reason for this blog feature write, write. writing. Hubby Kendall currently authoring a humouristically written killer mystery. Who killed who the readers want to know?

Have entered the Candace Havens Fast Draft project which if followed religiously and that means 20 pages per day then one has a book to edit within two weeks. For me, I'm preparing (Stage 1). This stage is exactly what it says....GETting READY. Set up your desk, clear out the clutter, SFICGIO..(Sit Fanny In Chair-Grind It Out)...20 days....however you count it (I'm taking out Sundays because that's our church day, family day, nap day, and generally the goof off work and all play). My goal is to create a copy to edit by Nov 26, 2008. and it looks like I may have to use parts of Sundays to keep on schedule.

Candace swears by this process and vows that in spite of her terribly busy schedule and two teenages(that's enough in itself to distract most people) that this is how she has created her five novels. Others validate the process including Rosemary-Clement Moore The brave can sign up at

And I'm off! to finish out my 20 for today!!!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's C - O - O - L - E - R

Hey there,
As you may is just around the corner and it is the only act around that puts the Olympics in 2nd place of priority if you have a school age child!!! So, in light of that, my weekly nuturing has been spent in soothing a lot of disgruntled paretns, teachers, etc. on issues that just aren't working out to their best advantaged!!

This means that there has been no time to finish authoring anything! Drats! and wouldn't you know that the ideas continue to flow like crazy! If you haven't made the connection yet, the DD represents my pen name which has become a reality for future works. Now, what'd you think?

The Dallas weather has eased to cooler, -100, becomes quite special for walking, sitting, lounging, gardening, goofing around, grilling or you name it...just getting to the outside world. Try on 69 degrees at commute to work time this am.

Here's hoping you have followed the Facebook account to this blog to get a great big Dallas welcome! If you're a writer, check out the DFWWW web site for the latest info on one of the larger writers' group in the DFW Metroplex.

As an update on all the grans, school bells are ringing for almost everyone: Samantha and Michael began school in Alvin ISD, Alvin, Texas, and I hope to post one of their school pictures soon.....they enter the 4th and 1st grades ......Erika and Emily now celebrate some successful weeks getting settled in San Paulo, Brazil and in second grade with their 'very nice' new teacher, new friends, new house, and new member in their household, a boxer called Roxy; Nilson returns to his school as a robust 4 years old, and Charlie goes too this year now that he's two. 2008 holds many exciting adventures for all the members of the troop.
Here I am, back to counting down to the end of triple digit heat in Texas, ta anxiously awaiting the final 10 hour workday and quickly changing gears from 17 marvelous days at home sleeping in and fooling around with hubby & the six cutest sweetest grans ever to exist . We had glorius days filled with great simplicity... fooling around the pool, enjoying PB&J'S and the best that Veggie Tales and Disney have to offer...Check out this "At Gramdma Jeannie's .....Piti and Papi's Poolside Drama" at the meantime, gone forever, it seems, tis that day of sleeping leisurely until hmmm o'clock and just lounging away the day. Our evening finale spent in luxgurious quality adult time scarfing down guiltless Ben & Jerry's while feasting eyes and ears on the best brand of Kendall's ripped nightly selections. Truly a vacation to remember!! This great joy fills our hearts as does bittersweetness of bidding a temporary adieu as families disbursed themselves, Momma Angie recapturing Samantha and Michael off to Alvin and Kaki, Erika and Emily migrating to Sao Paulo for a renewing of the Brazilian flavor. Our savers of the day, Neilson, Charlie and Thomas and Raquel are literally just around our west we still have the good fortune of daily grans-fixes.
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